Let’s get Organised

Well, it really has been a while and I will admit that blogging is sometimes the last thing on my mind, but it is time I got back into it.  In the last few weeks in our house we have been on a mission with one goal…’Get Organised’. Needless to say this is something that I think has been coming for a while.  It all came about because Em (my wife) got into a online University course and will be studying a Dipoma of Education (part time) while continuing to work (full time), no easy task at all but if there is one person in the world that can work at 150% human capacity it is my wife.

I am most definitely a ‘routine man’, everything about me screams ‘routine’ …or ‘OCD’ (depending on who is doing the screaming).  I have routine I stick too and rarely change it. Up at 6am, Devotions done by 7am, be at work by 7:30am, work out 3 nights a week at 4:30pm, dinner at 6pm, bed by 10:30pm.  Its always been like this, I am well and truly addicted to my routine. If it doesn’t happen at those times, it doesn’t happen.  My routine does cross over into OCD at times, particually when it comes to cleaning.  I just can’t be in mess and I really struggle to be in a room without noticing a mess and cleaning it up.  This has proved a strain on my marriage at times, It is quite often I hear ‘Dave, Where have you put my…’, I can’t help it, it was sitting somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Even just this morning my OCD has come out and I have been told:  “This kitchen is too clean, I’ll have to mess it up a bit” , “I have no power in this house” (to which I replied, “you do so I let you put your stuff there …for a few days”, and got) ‘That’s not power, that permission”, “I’m a prisoner in my own house”, “You love me more now I’ve tidied my study”.

Now don’t get me wrong, my marriage isn’t about to fall apart…I think, but it really is true, I am a bit of an Ogre when it comes to cleaning but i’m hoping (for the sake of our marriage) that this new organisation in the George Household will be good for both Em and I, less things will get lost or ‘put somewhere’ and hopefully I’ll chill out a bit.  Who knows maybe ‘Fun Dave’ may even come out sometime.


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