As the song goes ‘What a difference a day makes’. We each have good days and bad day, happy days and sad days, exciting days and boring days, but in the end they are just days and the next one is only just around the corner. Whether it be for better or worse we all have to face moments in our lives, sometimes they are good things like getting married, having kids, graduating uni, sometimes they are bad things like family break ups, lose of jobs, illness.  Sometimes it just plain sucks to be standing in the shoes you are standing in, sometimes it harder to be standing in someone else’s, but just be grateful your standing . It’s fair to say that some days take there toll much heavier than others, but they’re still just days, the next one is alway around the corner, make the most of it.

I’ve recently been reading through ‘Revelation’ in the Bible, it is in fact the first time i’ve ever had the guts to read it (but that’s another blog).  This ‘Revelation’ was given too and recorded by John to be delivered to the 7 Churches that made up ‘The Church’.  It is a revelation of the end days, so not an easy read if you are … anyone other than Jesus.

In Revelation, Jesus/God/Angels are revealing the plans for the end of the earth…as I said scary. Scary as it may be, I am perplexed and astonished at the love that can be seen throughout the parts I have read so far, it is a warning, Live right, overcome and be called up.  I can’t help but move past the doom and gloom and see the instruction that we are being given through this book.

I think I have been made to read this book for a reason, I think it might be a ‘Such a time as this’ moment for me to read Revelation.  3 days ago I was struck by the awesome instruction Jesus was sharing with me…’Overcome’.

I didn’t know what to ‘Overcome’ but after a day like yesterday, it is very clear to me the instruction that is being sent my way…’Overcome’.

It says quite clearly, Jesus is the only one ‘on Heaven and Earth that is worthy’ and has ‘triumphed’, Jesus holds the key to it all, Jesus calls us to overcome, he has complete control.

I just want to share a few promises Jesus makes to those who ‘Overcome’.

‘To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.’ Rev 2:7

‘Do not be afraid about what you are about to suffer…be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.’ Rev 2:10

‘He who overcomes will not hurt at all by the second death.’ Rev 2:11

‘To him who overcomes and does my will to the end. I will give authority over the nations.’ Rev 2:26

‘He who overcomes will be dressed in white, I will never blot out their name from book of life.’ Rev 3:5

‘Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of God.’ Rev 3:12

‘To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit on my throne.’ Rev 3:21.

Sometimes we are called to overcome our own problems, sometimes we are called to help others overcome their problems. ‘Love each other as I have loved you’. Sure, some people seem to have all the best of things and some people seem to get screwed by life all the time but nothing good in life comes easy, we need to overcome, after all, tomorrow is just around the corner and hopefully its better than today.

God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Overcome

  1. Karin Lennermo-Beasy

    Thanks for this, Dave, and well done to be reading Revelation. Not an easy book to read and understand. Just noticed a small typo: the revelation was given to John, not Paul, but that’s just a minor issue!!! Keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration.

  2. Shirl

    This is a great read Dave, thanks for sharing your insights. Remembering that God is in control is the way to go. No matter what we face in life it is important to know that we don’t go though life alone. Every day has its new issues and challenges, but knowing that God is in control somehow helps us to deal with stuff. Love you Dave!

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