The Lorax

Remember when your parents tried to get you into reading because it was a quiet hobby?  I do.  I was a fairly quiet kid to start with and so probably didn’t need to get into reading much but with both parents and both sets of grandparents being teacher (Em we need to talk about this, maybe we are setting our kids up to be teachers too, the who will support us financially in our old age) I had no choice but to be ‘encouraged’. I can honestly say, it failed, and failed dismally.  Not only am I a really bad reader, my handwriting is shocking too.

Looking back, if I had my childhood again (look at me, 26 and already wishing for the good ol’ days) I would have done so much more reading, I feel that I have wasted my opportunity, just think of what I could have been if I had developed my intelligence more.

Nowadays I like to get a bit of reading in, but only biographies or true stories because I have no imagination and really stubble to get into a book if it is not true. I can’t help but think that my lack of reading as a child has distorted my imagination in adulthood.

I was reminded yesterday of one of my favourite (only favourite) books from my childhood, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. In fact if you look through my bookshelf you will see biography after biography, but sticking out like a sore thumb is my childhood copy of ‘The Lorax’.

Much to my delight, The Lorax is coming to cinemas soon, and its made by the creators of ‘Dispicable Me’, a movie that I quite enjoyed.  To say I’m excited is an understatement and if you don’t believe me check this out.

But I also must confess that I have a little bit of dread about this too.  As I said, I’ve only read 2 fiction books, (the other one was ‘Lockie Leonard’ in Year 7 at school), so I have never really felt that devastation when a film director completely changes the story you have come to know and love, or just doesn’t do it justice to the story in your head.


Dear creators of ‘The Lorax’, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift.

As a boy was never much fun, as an adult I am really not that much fun either. I am like an old man trapped in a young mans body, for the sake of whatever remains of me, please don’t kill the final piece of imagination I have left in my head, please do a good job of making this movie come to life.  I fear that if this movie is a disappointment to my mind it might be the death of ‘Fun Dave’ forever so please don’t it screw it up.


Yours Sincerely 

the tiny piece of childhood Fun Dave that ever got to see the light.


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