Too Many Dave’s in the one brain

Well, Ive been back at school for two days now and I’m already under the pump to get things done.  The issue is that I keep making more work for myself to do.  Because of who I am and the mild case of OCD I often joke I have, I can’t help but want things to run better, quicker, more streamline, more pretty, etc.

I started of the year on Monday morning with a list of 10 things I need to do when I got back to school, I have completed 21 things and now have a list of 43 and I thought of another 4 things on my drive home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I love the people I work with but I can’t help but feel like I am a bit to eager to please and I end up running myself into the ground because I can’t stop ‘doing’.

It got so bad today that I needed to bargain with myself and say ‘You can do this next thing on your list but after that we are walking for 10 mins before you can come back to the office’, which I did and gave myself another 3 things to do that I had thought of on the walk.

Something that I have recently found myself doing (which I swore I never would) was bring my ‘work thoughts’ home with me and ignore my wife while I did ‘Just one more thing’.  So even though it sounds ridiculous and such a ‘first world problem’ I asked God to help me get everything in it’s rightful place. ‘Work thoughts’ were for work and ‘home/husband thoughts’ were for home and holiday and ‘Jesus thoughts’ trump them all and can be the only thing that has free reign no matter where I am. I think if I don’t get it sorted then there will be too many ‘Dave’s’ in the one brain and I’ll be no use anywhere or to anyone.

I can’t tell you if it worked, I can tell you that my wife isn’t home for a little while and sitting at my laptop right now is making me want to answer ‘Just one more email’ but I think it is important that I set up a good routine this year and take time to just be ‘Home’ when i’m home.

I’ll let you know how I go.

Living by Faith,



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