Sing till your whole soul is lifted up to God

I was a little bit tired this morning after 2 nights of not enough sleep so I already knew my early morning devotion session was going to be less than productive.  So instead of delving into the depths of Revelation I thought I would change it up.  I pulled out the songbook of the Salvation Army and started reading.  Unfortunately I do not get much of a chance to experience the great writing in these hymns and chorus’ as the modern church moves away from these ‘old fashion’ styles.

As I was reading through the ‘preface’ I came across these fantastic words by the founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth that really spoke to me about the purpose of life and worship intertwined into one life for God.

“Sing so to make the world hear. The highest value of our singing after all has not been the mere gladness we have felt because of our salvation, but the joy of pouring out the praises of our God to those who have not known him, or of rousing them by our singing to new thoughts and a new life.

And sing till your whole soul is lifted up to God, and then sing till you lift the eyes of those who know not God to him who is the fountain of all joy.”

Something Em and I had a lengthy discussion about last night on our walk around the surrounding suburbs is the idea of ‘Worship being our all, everything we do as an act of worship, going to work and doing it to fulfil God’s calls, working (jobs/employment) are Godly in the ability it provides to be able to share and give more for God and to others, etc’

A lot of my job (and all others christian teachers as well) is to make sure the world (or at least the future generations of it) are listening to God’s call upon them and their part in that. I am so lucky in the way I get to do that, I have the most powerful tool available to impact lives, Music.

I guess I just want to praise God because he has placed so much power to change the world in my hands, with that comes massive responsibility.  Am I using it to the fullest of my potential, No, should I do more, undoubtable, but God is faithful and has placed me where I am for such a time as this, I won’t change the Christian music world through my singing a new song to God, I ont ever be published in the songbook, I won’t make a living out of praising Jesus but I may just influence the next person that will.

So I will sing of Jesus so the world hears, sing till my soul is lifted up, and sing until the eyes of those who don’t know him will be sent skyward.

Lord Thankyou for letting me ‘sing of your love forever’


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