Has being a Gentleman been taken too far?

Just a quick thought I had whilst sitting in my office at work today. I often wonder how far ‘being a gentleman’ can be taken. Now please don’t get me wrong I am more than happy to put myself last for anyone, whether they are female or male but I do wonder what we are teaching our boys at times. There are plenty of examples of bad behaviour out there for young males to observe but it am also a little concerned about the opposite site of the spectrum. Are we forcing boys to be ‘gentleman’, without telling them why and in the process become what I would call ‘reverse sexist’.

I have just noticed that in the name of being gentlemanly we are forcing our boys (primary school age) to enter class after girls, take the seats at the back, last choice of options etc. I don’t know, I just thought that it was interesting that we have come full circle. Now the boys are last and the girls get the good things. Is it a hang on from an era gone by where older females teachers are exacting revenge or is it that a simple thing like being a gentleman is being forced on kids that would have no idea why it is that way. I have no idea with a teacher letting boys into class last at a secondary school but you would want to explain it to them first and not just assume they know why.

Just a thought.


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