City Walk

While my wife was Rockin’ Out to a Taylor Swift concert amongst 100,000 12 year old girls, I went out for a bit of a walk around Melbourne.  Moomba had just shut down and the streets were a buzz with activity.  As I was walking I really felt like I wanted to just Praise God and Worship him for all he had given me.  Now there are some things going on in the both Em and my life that are not particually praiseworthy to the untrained eye, but I will write about that later in the week.  But country to where I know my life is at currently and the situations that are ahead I felt like praising and thats exactly what I did.   put in my headphones, I walked, I prayed for (not with) people I walked past, I exulted God for his great love for me and my wife even in the storm that we often find ourselves in.  As I walked I could not stop just worshiping God for his great love, I caught my self singing any times and had to just tone it down, I loved it.

As part of my walk I just took some photos of the surrounding sights.


There really is no moral to this story but if I had to give you one it would be ‘when God asks you to walk, you walk until you’ve walk until he says stop.’

2 Kings 20:3
“Remember, LORD, how I have walked before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes.”







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