I have a number of reputations that go before me into many situations, some of them I love because they are exactly who I want to be and know I am on the inside, but I also have a number or reputions that go before me that I am not that proud of.  One such thing is my reputation as ‘Grumpy Dave’, at times I really appriciate my reputation of ‘Grumpy Dave’ because he gets me home at a reasonable hour, with no dancing having been undertaken and only a minimum of time wasted being part of a whinging and gossiping circle of people.  But he really isn’t a good person.  He is rude, arrogant, vindictive and dismissive of others, especially the people he cares most about.

These reputations that people build up can be the first and last thing that people ever hear about you, they don’t need to meet you, they already know you because ‘your reputation proceeds you.’  Just think about how your name represents you.  If someone where to say to you ‘David George’, my hope would be that the words ‘loving, friendly, truthful, humble or dedicated’ come to mind, but it is just as likely that ‘Grumpy Dave, whinger, arrogant, blunt, self centred’ could come to mind.  Each of these are true of my both good and bad at one time or another, but within which of these characters does y true identity lay.

Throughout history there have been so many reputaions developed, both good and bad. If I were to say ‘Hitler’, ‘Mother Teraser’ ‘Jesus’ , ‘King Herod’, ‘Pharasies’, ‘Apostles’, ‘Judas’.  All of these have a reputation.  I doubt anyone reading this has ever met these people but they know there character by the name they have developed.

In the Bible, the queen of sheeba hears of solomans wisdom and comes to absorb everything he has to offer her. She says ‘The report was true which I heard in my own land of your affairs and of your wisdom, but I did not believe the reports until I came and my own eyes had seen it; and, behold, the half was not told me; your wisdom and prosperity surpass the report which I heard’ (1st Kings 10.) she had heard of his reputation and was eleated to see that it was true.

My question to you is this, ‘What does your reputation say about you?’ ‘Is the reputation you put out there the real you?’ ‘Are you really the kid that swears on facebook to fit in and bring others down to your level, takes seductive ‘selfies’ in the mirror to look sexy or pretend to be the cool kid on the outside while slowly letting the real you die trapped inside?’

Do you dwell in your own ‘Grumpy Dave’ reputation and let the worst of yourself be what your known for or do you dwell in something better, something worthwhile, something honoring to yourself, your family, your God?


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