Joy of the Lord

I got some news today that really excited me, I mean really excited me, I came back to my office and fist-pumped!!  Now the news is really nothing that exciting at all, nothing massive, life changing or even worth sharing on a blog.  I found out that the computers in my music room are due to be updated and I suggested that it might be more useful to us if they were Macs instead of PC’s and I could network them up to the recording studio and have it all be awesome and useable.  The computers we have are good and cost a lot to set it all up but they are just so outdated and I could use actually use all the recording stuff if the computer it was going to and from were usable, and… anyway not the point.

My point is that I got so excited, so excited, about computers, boxes of electronics! If you ask my wife she would tell you that she hasn’t seen me happy, let alone excited about something for a long time (apart from how awesome it is to have her as wife of course).  I sat down after my fists had finally slowed down and the sky had taken a massive beating and thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I am such a bad person, what has my life become where I jump for joy over a conversation which will probably never come to fruition and even if it does will probably not be what I need.  I am sitting here day after day, listening to worship music, reading worship books, seeking God in everyday I know how, seeing his glory daily, yet I have never  once jumped from my chair and shouted ‘Hallalujah’, never once tried to high 5 God for my life.

I was convicted, not of my multitude of sins, not of my attitude towards other, not for my thoughts and language, not for anything else.  Jesus simple reminded me ‘You tell me I’m worthy of all praise, am I not worthy of your excitement?’

So Lord, I am so sorry for not living out and celebrating the ‘Joy of the Lord’, help me to be excited, not for what you could do for me, not for what you could do through me, but just for what you do.  Lord let me not take the Glory for your work, let me be excited to be your servant and to be able to meet with you daily and celebrate your work.

“for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Just a ‘Joyful in the Lord’ thought.


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