Turn up the Heat

Melbourne is the city of 4 seasons in a day, no make that an hour!  You can be perfectly happy one minute, sun shining as in Summer, and the next minute the clouds will roll over and the sky opens up bringing you into Winter wet, and then the wind comes and blows all the leaves off the trees as in Autumn, covering my car in wet soggy leaves that sick and don’t blow off even at 100km/hour,  and then the next minute, just when you think there is not one single leaf left to fall and there is no chance that Spring could possibly come in the same hour and the leaves could re-grow again, another gust comes and brings the next door neighbors wet soggy leaves onto my car.

Now I know that this is a somewhat odd way to start my blog but I wanted to illustrate for those not living in Melbourne, the extremes of Melbourne’s weather shifts.  We have had a (not uncommon for Melbourne) diverse week.  Hot in the early days when I wore shorts to school and the end of the week ended in weather so cold that the maximum for the day was lower than the lowest minimum from the month before.

As I arrived home last night at around 12am from my gig and Em got in from where she was at around 1am, the house was freezing.  Outside at 12am it was about 8 degrees and inside the house it was no better.  The central heating had packed up and died, what a night to do it, one of the coldest on record and my heating choose that night to die.  Worse still, it was still trying to work by blowing air around as it normally does, but when the air is cold, and the thermostat control is desperately trying to bring the temperature up by blowing harder, the house was almost ice.

I tried fixing it again this morning but to no avail, the jets are blocked and I am most definitely not going to be pulling apart a gas appliance to fix them.  But of course the person that fixed these things only works 8am-2:30pm, not very helpful for the 92.3% of the population that are gainfully employed!  So now we have to sit in the freezing cold house with the heater working as an air conditioner for 1 whole week until school holidays begins and I can be at home for the guy to fix it.

It got me thinking about Jesus, as everything does at the moment.  Back 2000 years there was no central heating in a barn for the King of Kings to be born in, there was not warmth for the Lord of Lords to sleep in, there was no insulation batts for the his people to gather underneath while he preached.  Even now people sleep on the streets of Melbourne in the cold, families cower in their cars because they have no where else to go, people in countries other than mine still have no electricity, let alone heating. Its all about your perspective.  I think a week without heating is hard, imagine a week between meals, a week without a roof, a life without clean water, I am the lucky one to just have no heating for a week.

I know already that it is going to be a frustrating week, Em and I will not sleep as well, be less tolerant of each other even get cranky because she is hogging the hot water to thaw out in but even when we get frustrated about not having heating I know I can cling to the knowledge that yes Jesus has been in this situation, yes he survived in a barn, yes he does know my pain (or numbness as the case my be). Jesus know exactly how I feel and far more and unfortunately there will be 10,000’s of people feeling the cold in far worse ways than I will that very same night.

Lord God I just want to thank you for reminding me that I am the lucky one, I am the one that deserves least yet I have the most.  Jesus, thank you for this reminder, and  pray you would bring on the cold that I may know your heart for this world better.

My final thought is this: ‘It is only through being out in the cold that we can truly appreciate the warmth from the ‘Light of the world’.

“Ah! I am warm; I see the fire.” Isaiah 44:16 NIV (Quotes slightly out of context but the meaning is not lost on my current situation)


Just a thought


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