Yesterday as I drove in the city to play for a show, I listened to a great sermon that really excited me about the Lord. (Which after Friday’s post was a fantastic gift and reminder of God’s sovereignty yet closeness to our lives.)  As I’ve mentioned before, Em and I have recently got stuck into listening to sermons on Podcast.  Em does it as devotions on her way to work in the morning, I do it as often as I can, in any spare 33 or so minutes I have available (I would say I’m addicted to it).  It is not uncommon for me to be listen whilst driving and reaching for a notepad to write down what it is that the preacher has said, dangerous I know but at times I feel like it more dangerous for me to not write down what is being said in fear of forgetting and continuing in my destructive path.

I can not get enough of preaching at the moment, I love it, I am listening to some really amazing men and woman of God share their lives, their faith and opening up their church to me and millions of other people every Sunday.

Late last year I myself preached about the number of opportunities we have in the western world to connect with God at every moment.  We can be spiritually fed, worship our great God, continually reassess where we are at in our lives or just simply keep up with Jesus on Twitter all from our phones.  I love the ability to hear some of the best preachers in the world speak into my heart and not have to pay thousands and fly halfway around the world to hear them.  One day I will go and do a study tour of all the amazing churches I regularly listen too, but for now a free podcast serves me really well.

So  I actually just want to thank God, for technology, thank him for innovation, thank him for allowing me to be born in such a blessed time in history.  Thank you Lord that you chose me to be so blessed while others are so much worse off.  Lord help me to use the blessings you have provided to further your kingdom because you are the reason this all this is possible.

‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone’ Mark 16:15


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