The Craftiness of Satan

Wow, that is an imposing title if I ever saw one, but it is so true and so accurate that I couldn’t not put it like that.

Today I had what I would call a revelation, no, not an ‘end-times’ ‘Revelation’ like the bible has but a ‘realisation’, ‘Reveal-isation’ if you will.  I knew Satan was clever and ultra deceptive but never did I thing that he would use the ‘things of God’ to distract me from the same ‘things of God’.

I love my mum, a lot, I love my wife, a lot, when I got married I was releaved to find that I did not have the stereotypical marriage drama.  I knew that ‘the wife’ and ‘the mother-in-law’ sometimes don’t get along, ‘the mother’ will never think ‘the wife’ is good enough for her boy and ‘the wife’ will want the mother-in-law to just back off, with the poor husband stuck in the middle trying to not choose a side. Thankful it is not that way for me, my mum and Em.  I love them both and the love each other.

But…I have stubbled across what I think is Satan’s plan to bring me down in this area, a plan so clever I have to applaude him for ingenuity.  Here it is:

When my wife needs me most, or is really struggling with something, or just needs to know that I love her (all wives need this sometimes), or wants to know that I truly am committed to growing with her and not away from her…my phone rings with …a ‘Blocked Number’!

Now I get lots for ‘Blocked Numbers’ on my phone from other teachers, students instrumental music teachers, Music shops returning quotes on gear, or even just a prank call from a student.  My mums home number is ‘Blocked’.

Saturday mornings just as I’ve promised to be home with Em, Mum calls, and is really stuck for someone to help her out for a school band playing in the afternoon.  Another time, Em and I had been so busy during the week that we had to schedule time to even just eat together and were heading out to saturday morning ‘date day’ breakfast, but  ‘Blocked Number’ called, just mum asking me to go help out because my sisters car was broken down right near my house.  Even today, Em needed me for something during the day and came to school to meet me (which has never happened before and was amazing timing by God that she could come at the only time I was free for the day), … ‘Blocked Number’..Mum.  It was getting ridiculous, Em never needs me during the day, Mum never calls me during the day, but the one day that I need to show love to one, the other is there to distract me.  Well played Satan, well played.

I am sure that Satan knows my heart just as well as God does, he can read me like a book, I’m human after all, we’re all wired the same way.  Satan would know that I know I need to answer my mums calls because I feel guilty that I don’t go and see her or call her anywhere near enough, my Nanny is getting quite old and frail I haven’t made the time to see her either, both these things eat at me from the inside daily and Satan knows it.

I don’t begrudge my mum at all, and don’t want my mum to stop calling me and there is no possible way that my mum is sabitaging my marriage, in fact she was calling to ask what to buy Em for her birthday (9th April for those of you playing along at home and are wanting to send gifts, Easter Monday, Excess chocolate will be accepted).  How can the two ladies I love most in the world be inadvertently sabotaging my relationship with the other if Satan is not behind it.  Neither have Satan in their heart, neither of them could possibly know what is going on with the other, it is just hilarious and so scary at the same time.

So Satan, I know your plan, it was really clever but nick off, try again in a different way because I’m wise to your game.

God, I’m sorry that you had to make it so obvious before I caught on but thanks for the heads up anyway.

Jesus, Help me find wisdom to see these things and never stumble.

Maybe I’m the only one stupid enough to be falling for this trick but:

‘Is there something in your life that is innocently and ‘coincidently’ getting in the way of what you love?’

Just look closely at it, maybe it’s not just me falling into this game.

Oh my goodness, This is the 100% truth, just as I asked Em for a photo of her and mum and went to give her a kiss to say thanks…my Dad turned up!  You have to try harder than that Satan, you can’t just substitute players in the match and expect to be playing a different game!

Just a Thought.


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