Road to Easter

Last night as I attended church, I was reminded about Easter, not that I didn’t know it was coming, I was just made to think about what it means. The people I spoke to about ‘What Easter meant to them’ seemed to struggle to articulate it’s true value and meaning.  I myself struggled to articulate my feelings toward Easter mainly because I really don’t think I’ve sat down and thought about it for a long time.  I know Jesus died on the cross for my sins, I know that Easter signifies the culmination of our faith, fellowship and life in Jesus, but surely I need to be able to articulate it better than that.

I was made aware of the massive disparity between how we celebrate Christmas and how we celebrate Easter, something I am genuinely embarrassed to admit that I never thought about.

We were given a bible reading plan for the days leading up to Easter, I’m hoping that through this I may better understand who Jesus was and what in fact Easter really means.

I’ll keep you updated with my thoughts because at the moment I feel like an idiot who can only clearly articulate Easter as chocolate.



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