Day 2: Jesus the Vine

John 15

It is so hard to remain in him, hold on to him, let him use us, because to hold onto him we must first let go of everything else.

Sorry to start on such a down-er, but ‘everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.’ Romans 3:23

Jesus clearly states here ‘if you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.’ and that isn’t even slightly out of context, it is exactly true and exactly how it is recorded as being said out of Jesus’ mouth.  I just don’t understand how we can be so stupid that we don’t take him up on this.  How can we stay sinners, why do she choose to fall so short.

At times like this I put myself on the same level as the Apostle Paul (big call I know, it will be first and last time I’ll ever be able to put myself on par with him), he says in Timothy 1 ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.’ I completely understand where he was at when he said this, why would we stay in a state of sinfulness when Jesus offers us ‘whatever you wish’…Stupidity.

We hear him say ‘keep my commands‘, and we’re left thinking ‘Great more rules, there are bound to be thousands of unachievable commands if he is offering ‘whatever you wish’, but then he gives us one, just one tiny command (admittedly with a massive impact and dedication involved in it, but it’s still only just one command), ‘Love each other.’ and your heart sinks in the knowledge that you haven’t even been getting this one and only command right.  Lucky for us, Jesus is the vine, the bringer and channel of all growth, he can surely grow us to be fruitful.

If you think about a vine, its whole purpose is to produce branches, it is the branches job to produce fruit, it is the gardeners job to first plant that vine then use that fruit for his purpose once it is harvested.  The metaphor of the vine speaks perfectly about our relationship with God in this trinity form.

God the Son (Jesus) – declares himself that he is the one we must remain attached to because he is the bringer of stability, positioning and nutrient – God the Holy Spirit.  While God the Father is the one who planted the vine in its place and also the one that tends it branches in and out of season, either cutting off completely, pruning for further growth in the season to come or using its fruits for his purposes now.

In the same way that the vine is the source of all growth for the branches, and without it fruit will never come, Jesus is the root of all our works, whether acknowledged or not, he is the vine that provides all, and without him to position and sustain us we are nothing but a green branch with good fruit about to turn brown and die once cut off.

You may be like me and have one hand firmly holding on and connected  to Jesus, great, but also like I still need to do, unless you let go with that other hand that is holding on to the earth and hindering the vine from continuing to grow along the fence further into the world (if you will allow me another vine metaphor) you will never see the vine become more than it currently is because you’re holding it back.

Let go of all that is holding you down on earth and let the vine grow you heavenward, if nothing else it would be a fun ride and plenty of fruit to eat from.

Just a Thought


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