Day 3: Jesus the bringer of Unity

John 17

I love it when all things seem to just line up, I like to call the ‘God-intances’ instead of coincidences.  Today I’ve had a fairly relaxed day, school holidays etc.  I went to the Apple Store to play with the new iPads in one final effort to convince myself I needed one…I do not in case you were wondering.

The day started off fairly standard, devotions, shower, breakfast, etc …(Apple Store), then out to have a meeting over coffee at 10am…sparing the details I was having a meeting about our ‘Youth and Young Adult Leadership Team’ and my place within that.  We had just done these tests…etc…the point is that we were talking about ‘Unity as a team’ and the need to at times see each others strengths and weakness’ and be accommodating of them and forgiving because of them.

As my day continued I got some spare time and did some reading, the chapter I was up to was ‘Unity’, thinking nothing of this topic ‘God-incidence’ I later sat down to write this blog before Em got home so I could dedicate as much time to being with her as possible when she got home.  I sat down do my ‘Easter Reading Plan’ so I had something to write about… ‘John 17: Unity with Christ’.  Realising this ‘God-incidence’ of theme I started this blog.   Em then came home so I put this aside until now when she is busy.

We got talking about what she was going to run her cell group on tonight and she told me ‘I wanted to do something on Easter, there is this prayer that Jesus said just before he was taken away in John 17’, very quickly I saw that not only was this God-incidence speaking to me it was now involving my wife too, which excited me greatly.  I pointed out that this was the ‘Easter Bible Reading Passage’ for the day and I told her about what my blog was going to be on and all the things that had happened to me today.

To me it is undeniable that God is using this day to speak to my heart about the unity that he creates in my life.  My wife, my Young Adults Pastor, my personal reading, my church assigned bible reading, my blog, all on this same topic, all designed by God to show me what true unity in him can be and how in control he really is.  Why would I not run to be part of this unity in him.

I am very conscious that my blogs have been really long recently so I will just leave it at sharing my story of today but if you want some more verses on ‘Unity’ check these out.

Psalm 133:1

Romans 15:5-6

Colossians 3:13-14

Ephesians 4:2-6

Unity doesn’t come by just partnering with Christ for a common goal, it requires you to know his heart as deeply as he knows yours.

Run to it.

Just a thought.


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