Day 4: The Cross and the Empty Tomb

John 19

At times I think we get too bogged down in the death of Christ when we should be looking at the life of Christ.  We sing songs that bring a real downer to his sacrifice. I don’t want to take power away from the cross because Jesus’ death is our atonement and salvation but is it wrong for me to suggest that the cross was pivotal but it was just a tool in which Jesus modelled love to us?

In the reading today we are asked to:

‘Spend some time trying to live in that space between the cross and the empty tomb. After hope has left. Before grace has come.’

It’s a tough place to be, I am sure it was a terrible 3 days, I hate to think about how the other 69% of Australia feels daily not knowing their Saviour but I really struggled to stay in that place because I know that Jesus is risen, he is not gone.  Yes if it was the end of the story the cross would be the most terrible ending to Jesus’ story, but it’s not, it is his greatest triumph, but I can’t help but be glad in that time between the cross and the empty tomb because I know what happens on that 3rd day, He is risen.

I know it may be wrong to not give Friday the reverence and solemn mood it often entails at church services but I want to celebrate.  Jesus says ‘It is finished’, they’re partying words! He won!

Jesus whole life was about ‘Love’, he focused on showing love not condemning sin.  The Pharisees focused on sin, Jesus focussed on love.  I think sometimes we miss the point of Good Friday when we focus on him dying, being betrayed, mistreated and forget or put off the love part until sunday.  It was in love he came, it was because of love he died, Yes we should be so thankful he died so we may be forgiven but the forgiveness of sin is the result, we should be focusing more on the motive. His Love. Nothing somber about that death in Love, I don’t think he wants us mourning.

Anyway I don’t want to say anything more in fear of offending people (even more so taking my point too far that it causes others to stumble, then I’m in trouble with God too) so I will just put it out there that I will be celebrating tomorrow and not mourning that Jesus died, not because he died, but because of his love he died.

Just a thought.


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