Would they listen?

I had an interesting, but brief, text conversation this morning around ‘Church Podcasting’.  One thing that I have been looking into is the podcasting of our churches sermons, in particular the congregation I attend.  Now don’t get me wrong I am under no illusion about the global standing of our church, it’s preachers and my own thoughts. We’re a speck and not even close to being a ‘famous’ church that people seek out sermons from, but does that really matter, does it mean that what we have to say isn’t worth listening too if someone wanted it?, does God’s word not come out in our sermons just because we aren’t a mega church?, does having the smallest congregation in your church mean you have less right to be part of the whole?

Our Church puts out a sermon once a week, but never from the service that I attend.  This will be the 4th time I have raised this question with the ‘powers that be’ in the church and I just wanted to find out if it was because there was no-one to push the record button at the start of the service (which is entirely possible and I am more than happy to do it if I got the green light) or was it something a little bit deeper that I am not in position to  question.

I asked the question ‘could the sermons from the 6pm service be put on the website too’ the response was ‘No reason why not. Question is would anyone listen to them?’

Apart from a little bit of offence I felt (which I am confident was not intended) I started thinking about it.  I blog most days, everyday if I’m in internet range, but I know that probably only 10 to 15 people read what I write but I am not fussed about that at all, my goal is to just have something on here that is thought provoking for one person at one point in time. They may not read it on the day I publish it but the blessing/curse of internet is that it is always out there for someone to find if they search for it.

To me the question in this situation isn’t ‘Would anyone listen’ it’s ‘When someone in our church (or more importantly not in ours or any other church) needs to hear God’s word the most (which I guarantee won’t be during church time) will we have the resources out there to be accessed instantly, or will they be forced to seek it somewhere else because we can’t supply it for them?’

Anyway, it’s not my place to say how things are run, but it is my job to share God’s word with others, so even if I only have 5 followers and a total of 20 likes, I’m gong to put my thoughts on God out there as often as I can because hopefully one day someone will draw closer to God because of what I had to say was available to them.

My prayer for this blog is: ‘Lord God help me to just be humble and faithfully put your word out there for all to hear so that you may use it as you deem fit, to not be caught up in ‘will anyone listen’ because I know that in the end you will do with it what you will, you know my heart, you convict me when I’m not right with you, you guide my thoughts, help my words to be less of me and more of you.  Use what you will, when you will. In Jesus Name, Amen.  ‘

 “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!” Matt 11:15

Just a thought.


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