School is Back

Today in Victoria most Primary and Secondary school students ended their holidays and went back to school.  As stay-at-home parents rejoiced, the groans of teachers statewide could be heard…School is Back.

I had a terrible start to the term, before school commitments meant I was here setting up at 7:15am.  While other staff were still fighting with the snooze button for an extra 5 minutes I had already set a full PA sound system and created 3 powerpoint presentations. (Beat that Dustin Lewis)

It got worse, I got an ‘Extra’, period 2, not even one day in and I’ve picked up the slack for someone still sleeping in bed.  Man what a start.

I then had to read through a year 12 students testimony for ‘Year Level Chapel’ coming up in a few weeks and I had to virtually rewrite the whole thing because it was just completely inappropriate.  (I will add it is still probably not appropriate for my school setting but it is a lot better)

This day sucks. It’s now 5:07pm and I’m still here. It is hard to not get bitter, even before lunchtime the reality of work had struck again…

But if I was to shift my attitude in all this and see it as God intended me too, I have a completely different picture.  I have sacrificed my time before school so that others may grow closer to God in Worship and in the process been blessed myself because of it, I’ve been an integral part of the team helping to give someone else a rest day so they can recover from illness and I have potentially helped shape the lives of 144 Year 12 students by making it so a repentant student can share his tale for others to learn from.

God sets us up to used wherever we are at and in everyway possible, If your day sucks, don’t get bitter, get ‘Better’ by opening your eyes.

‘Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.’ Ephesians 6:7 NLT

Just a Thought


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