The Sermon

Just for those of you that were wondering how I spoke in Chapel today, it well really well (in my opinion).  There wasn’t mach time left and I only had 20 minutes left to speak in after the worship was finished but it went well.

The guys on worship did a fantastic job and really set a great atmosphere for me, it was the most people I had seen really worshiping in Chapel for a while.  I even considered taking out part of the sermon because I couldn’t ‘convict’ them of not worshiping if they actually did.  So a massive thanks to Scott and the worship team.

I then got up and just took off like a rocket, I knew I had very little time left so I flew into it.  I had been praying for days that God would use me and that I would humble myself so that he could speak through me.  I think it worked, I definitely did not feel like it was me preaching and if Em had seen me she probably would have verified that the person on stage looked like her husband but definitely didn’t have any of his characteristics.  So thanks God for using me. (don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of Dave stuff ups but the message was God) Peoples hand went up when I asked them to respond, it was great.  I admire guys that can do it week after week but if I had the time during the week to prepare I would love to do it more often.

I’m glad its over and I am really looking forward to sleeping well tonight, maybe God’s power will extend into my netball game and we might win…probably not.


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