It’s all Greek to me.

Em and I had the priverledge of attending 2 weddings today, one for some Salvo friends and another for one of Em’s work friends.  Both wedding were fantastic and really lovely but they were very different from each other.  The first is what I would call a ‘typical salvo’ wedding, really nice.  The second was a completely different experience for us, ‘Greek Orthidox’, spoken completely in Greek, not one word of english, it was a really lovely ceremony with beautiful traditions. They make such sense biblically, with so many connections made back to Jesus.  I would say that once I understood what they were doing it was possible one of the most culturally and spiritually rich ceremonies I’ve ever seen. But it wasn’t until I read about them in the Order of Service (written in English) that I actually had any idea what was going on.

My thought is that in the church and as christians we spend so much time catering to those that are part of our own congregation, speaking Greek that can only be understood by the Greeks.

Today as the someone that didn’t understand Greek, the wedding was beautiful, but I could only take it on face value.  It wasn’t until it was explained in my own language that I saw the really beauty of what was happening.

It’s the same with Christianity.  Christ, and for that matter Christians, won’t be fully understood by the world until we explain him and his ways in their language, he will be seen only on face value, just as a good man who vied and died.

Now what that language is I don’t know but I suggest it is one of two things.  I think as humans we search for two things from life, Love and Connection/Relevance.

Until we speak in those two ways, we will never reach the world.  It’s all Greek.

Just a Thought


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