Anzac Day

Gday, It seems a very appropriate way to start my blog on Anzac Day.  For those that are overseas (and weren’t originally from Australia) Anzac day is a day we have over here to celebrate and remember the sacrifice of soldiers and other serviceman and women in the ‘Australian & New Zealand Army Corps’ during all the wars they were involved in.

We have a day off work, we buy badges to and pin them to our shirts (raising money for the Returned Serviceman and Servicewoman’s League, RSL), we have a parade and remembrance service in every capital city and almost every rural centre and we even force our shops to close (even if it is for only half a day).

Anzac Day means a lot of things to a lot of people, but unfortunately most of them are over 65, to me I think of my small number of family that served, in particular my Poppa who was above all else a great man and secondary to that a pilot in WWII, it is a day to reflect on how great these men and woman were to sacrifice so much so that I can stay ‘Young and Free’.

Unfortunately, as a younger generation I don’t think we understand it, I think during school we get it taught to us, but when we get into our 20’s it just becomes a holiday.  No one my age would do what these guys did, sacrifice doesn’t exist in our generation.  I know that at my school I have not heard a single thing about Anzac day this year, maybe it was focused at the primary school but I haven’t heard anything, if fact I am even second guessing whether I have the day off today.

Fortunately there has not been a massive war where the entire country has been under threat, we have wars going on but thankful they are not massive enough for it to affect those outside of the ‘Armed Service’, This means they are relatively ignored by the non vocal majority but they are also so unpopular with the vocal minority that no-one in leadership of the country would dare bring them up, for good or bad, in fear of being stoned by an angry mob.  It almost goes completely against the motto that everyone spouts on Anzac Day ‘Lest We Forget’, it almost feels a bit more like ‘Lest We Forget… except for the other 364 days a year or if it isn’t convenient or if we’re too busy having a day off’.

I am so thankful for the sacrifice those great men and woman gave, and I am thankful that I don’t have to do the same thing because I don’t know that I’m man enough to do it.

Jesus taught sacrifice, Jesus taught love for your brother, Jesus taught us to obey, I can’t help but feel that the generations past knew how to be Jesus far better than we do now.  It doesn’t matter how many technological advancements we make in bringing Jesus to the mass populous, without the fundamental love, sacrifice and obedience modelled by Christ and these men and woman we are really just like a politician spouting empty ‘Lest we Forgets’.

I hate war but I can’t help but feel ripped off being born into this ‘Great Generation’ when I think we left Jesus back in the last one.

 ‘There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends’. John 15:13

Just a Thought.


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