Give it a Rest!

It has been a great day today, I really didn’t have to teach all day.  My year 12’s looked after themselves and did practice, my supervision time I spent sitting talking to year 12’s in the study centre and got a bit more insight into their world and then I finished off the day with a double year 7 music class but 2/3 of the class was on an excursion so we did nothing either.  It was a really easy day of teaching but I am so tired.  Doing nothing wears me out.

Why is it that doing nothing makes us more tired than less tired?  I could sleep all weekend and still wake up more tired than if I was running around all weekend.

Is it because when we rest we aren’t actually resting?  It is my over stressing about situations so far into the future that stops me from really resting.I can’t switch it off, I could sit all day but my mind does not turn off.  Today as I sit in my office I have stressed about:

Em’s first day of placement which I have no control over, organising a Yr 12 day trip that is still almost 3 months away, getting new music which I don’t need for at least 4 weeks, mhat I am doing with my life, how to keep Em’s happy this weekend, what else can I do to help Em with her assignments, etc.  All these things are either out of my control or so far off that they don’t warent the level of stress I have applied to then today.

Jesus tells us to come to him and we will be given rest, I can do that.  I can easily have physical rest and comfort because my time is fairly free but what I need more right now is a rest from my brain, a break in my routine that I gives me time to relax and do something I enjoy, not something I enjoy because I want to be better at it, something that I really enjoy.  I need hobby, I need a proper sleep, I need to learn to say no, I need to step away from my stress, I need to just be still and know that he is God.

God has the answers, God has the rest, it is just us that needs to accept it and embrace it. I’m going to try hard to do just that this weekend.

Just a thought


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