Team Building (minus me)


I can not stand ‘Team Building Exercises’, I am part of a number of different teams and almost all of them at some point have decided that we needed to do ‘Team Building Exercises’. No offence to the leaders of those teams (and please don’t punish me by making me do more ‘Team Building’ for our next meeting) but I am not a team building person.

Whether I am the contributing factor to the instability of all those teams I’m not sure but I do find it a little bit odd that every team I’m on needs to go through this humiliating and (in my mind) pointless pursuit of oneness.

I am all for being part of a team and working together, but I find no need to for the physical ‘Get out of your seats, we’re doing an activity’ form of team building.  I’m a sit down, talk it out, get the job done, move on type of person.

Part of the reason I hate them so much is my distain for anything that takes me out of my comfort zone physically, the other part is that everyone knows it is pointless and now we all just feel embarrassed about what we was just forced to do with each other.  I am up for ‘Team Building Excursions’ like Paintball or Go Karting because they really serve no purpose, they are just fun, I will gladly hold to the motto ‘the team that plays together, stays together’ if we’re doing something fun, but the ‘Fall and I’ll catch you’ style doesn’t work for me, because I know you’ll catch me if you’re ready and know I’m about to fall down for an activity but in the real world that has no translation to actually doing anything when ‘it all hits the fan’.  So I can’t see how that is any more useful than going Go Karting where I am trying to be the best on my own anyway.

Anyway, as I said, no disrespect to any of my team leaders but I just isn’t for me, if I am ever made the leader of a team (probably unlikely after this blog) we will be Go Karting and tearing up any butchers paper or Texta’s in that happens to come near me or my team.

Just a Thought/Rant.

Have a Great Day



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