Mirror Mirror

Last Month Em and I were out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, “Old Kingdom”. The meal was great and we had a great time together, but upon returning to my car I discovered my cars “wing mirror” was smashed and halfway down the road, someone must have driven past my car and knocked their mirror against my mirror, but they didn’t stop.

I actually handled it really will, I just went down the street and got the leftover parts of my mirror, so I could salvage what was left. All that was broken was a tiny little bit of plastic, easy to get fixed…so I thought.

A week later I found time to go down to ford to order a new bit of plastic. I thought it would be $20 maximum, they disagreed, they told me that they couldn’t get that part and would need to order a whole new mirror assembly. $250 for the mirror, $60 to put it on. I declined that offer.

Turns out they were right, you can’t get that bit of plastic anywhere, not even a wreckers. In one final attempt I turned to eBay to buy a second hand one and I’ll pull it apart myself for that bit of plastic, I refused to pay $310, even if I never had a mirror ever again. I came across a band new assembly for $27, $13 postage. $40!!!! And I’ll put it on myself, and that is exactly what I did, and I did a good job, I pulled the whole door apart but it is all back together now.

So I love my Ford, but I hate ‘Ford Service’, thanks for your help guys but I’ll keep my extra $270 for myself.

Here is my pictorial story.







Take that Ford Servicing.

More than Just a Thought.


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