Biceps vs Bible

“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:8 NLT)

We spend so much time training and conditioning our bodies to look good, function better, be better prepared to cope when things get tough, we think diligently about what food and drink we are putting in to sustain us and not to negatively impact our physical well being, but do we spend anywhere near as much time working on our spiritual bodies, our souls?

Do we spend the time ‘conditioning’ our souls to be more resilient, better prepared to take what our day to day lives throw at us. Do we memories scripture to build up our spiritual muscle or build our tolerance and grace so it show when people look at us like we do in a weights room. Do we spend as much time scrutinizing what we put into our spiritual bodies in terms of our viewing of tv, movies, Internet, or what our ears hear from who we hang around, as we do thinking about ‘Should I eat just one more of these?’ Do we spend time counting our spiritual intake as we do counting calories, do we focus on a balance in our good vs bad spiritual intake as we do balancing our protein vs carb intake.

If we are serious about training the body which is just our temporary home which has an expiry date, should we not be concerned about the part that does not ever expire and will never pass away.

How many of us rush home to do devotions after work or think ‘ I can squeeze a quick God-sesh in before I have to go out tonight’ like we do for the gym. How many of us get up at 5am on a Saturday just so we can go for an extra long holiness time like we do on a bike.

Yes our body is the temple of God and we are called to look after it, but if we put too much emphasis on it or spend all our spare time focusing on the physical body to the detriment of our spiritual time, we will have no God living in the temple you so lovingly created for him and your pride will move in instead and probably invite exactly the opposite spirit in instead.

Just a thought



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