Interviewee to Interviewer

This time 2 years ago I was sweating up a storm, it was ‘job seeking time’ for graduate teachers wanting to gain employment for the following year.  Week after week I spent hours and hours writing cover letters and altering my resume to suit the situation.  I posting off letter after letter, email after email, only to receive rejection after rejection, until one day, I finally got a few interviews, but both were on the same day and it would be a rush to make both, especially if the first one was running late.  One was for an assistant Head of Music at a government school with many monetary bonuses, the other an entry level Drama/Music role at a Christian School I had never heard of, but I accepted both and prepared.

Nervous as a wreck I went to the first one, and they grilled me for over an hour on questions that I frankly thought were irrelevant to teaching, being a Director of Music and probably even irrelevant to finding out who I was as a person too.  The questions really only had one answer to them (almost like, ‘say this this and this and you get the job’).  Well I thought I did well and it would be worth it but I was now running late and it was 30 mins until my next interview and a 40 minute drive to get there, but I didn’t really worry too much, I thought I had done well and was going to get the job from my first interview, the next one involved teaching drama and I wasn’t at all interested in that, so I’ll just use it as interview practice for next time I was interviewing for a better job, maybe in a few years when someone would see how well I had done at my new job, at the the school I had just interviewed at, and wanted me to come over to their rich private school to run their music department.

Well, I made it, with about 5 mins to spare (and no speeding tickets), to the second interview and went straight in.  This interview started and it was possibly the most intense interrogation I have ever seen or heard of; First question ‘What is your thoughts around the bible being the only reputable source of the truth of God’s divinity?’, Second question, ‘What are your beliefs about evolution and the notion that we have developed from Monkeys’, Third Question, ‘Tell me about a time the Holy Spirit has moved powerfully in your life.’  3 men, staring at me, grilling me on my beliefs, but do you know what, I loved it, I had never seen a place that was so overtly Christian that it was offensive to me as a Christian to be challenged to justify my faith so clearly, in a job interview, the most stressful place anyone could be, I was in love, after those 3 questions I knew I had to teach here even if I had to pay them for the privilege of turning up each day.  Needless to say, I got the job, took it and now I love all there is to love about being a teacher at a Christian school.

Turns out the other school hated me and I didn’t even get one question ‘right’, they told me I ‘needed coaching in interview techniques’, Oh well, Their loss.

Today, the tables were turned, it was time to ‘turn up the heat on the grill’.  Today I was delighted to be able to interview for a new Secondary Music teacher for our Narre Warren South Campus.  I was one of the the 3 men this time, and I was ready, I had my BBQing apron on and I had had the questions marinating in my mind all night, I had some beauties, I was going to lead off with ‘Do you feel that the bible should be updated, developed or reevaluated to be more socially relevant due to the declining number of attendees in conventional church service? Justify your answer to us please’, I even had a follow up question depending on which way they went.  Turns out I didn’t need to use it, the normal questions they are are just ‘tell us about how and when you meet Jesus’ They were just grilling me because they saw on paper I was a terrible applicant but really felt a presence of the Holy Spirit on me when I came in so they wanted to see its depth (I don’t think I was that deep but my answers must have been appropriate, either that or all the other applicants for the drama job were not (one of my favourite sayings) ‘Waverley Appropriate’).

So today I got to help shape the direction of our music department in a different way, I got to be part of something that I loved doing, I got to see the passion that comes when a follower of Christ gets to realise the potential of Christian education (particularly in Performing Arts).

So this story has no really point to it, it was just a great opportunity for me to look back and see how powerfully God’s direction in my life has taken me to a place of abundant blessing and grace, interviewee to interviewer in 2 years.  I love my school, imperfections and all, it is such a fantastic place to work, I have been so blessed to be able to teach in such a Godly environment, able to share my faith, been daily challenged to pick up my game by kids half my age, and now I  get to help another person realise that blessing too.  Thank you Lord for your abundant blessing on my life by sending me to Waverley Christian College.



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