‘Judge Jesus’

I started reading the book of ‘Jude’ today, I already had 3 other verses I intended to write about but I got to the book of Jude and it just grabbed me.

How often do we judge others ourselves before we even give God a chance to have his justice served? We are often too quick to jump on others, for doing what we believe isn’t right, that we leave no room for God in a situation.

Justice works both ways, In Matthew it talks of ‘receiving our reward in full’ on earth, getting what is due to us (which we are told is far less than what it would have been in heaven), but it also works the same with injustice against us, it also says in Proverbs we should allow the Lord to have the justice and by doing so we ‘heap burning coals on our enemies head’ (far worse than the verbal young lashing we can give).  Now I’m not sure how I feel about burning heaping coals on someone, because no doubt there is a big load of smouldering coals with my name on it too, but I do believe that we should leave justice and retribution to God.  Yes we are his hands and there are times to step in and do what is right for others, but if it can wait, let it wait.  Stop turning your search for justice into a trashy TV show where you are ‘Plaintiff, Judge and Juror’, sorry to tell you but you are probably just the deluded defendant.

The verse that bought this out of me today was this:

‘But even Michael, one of the mightiest of the angels, did not dare accuse the devil of blasphemy, but simply said, “The Lord rebuke you!” Jude 1: 9 NLT

I would imagine Michael has some pretty awesome righteous powers that he could unleash (in Jesus name of course), but also has some pretty powerful enemies that I’m sure would take him to breaking point, but he is wise enough to know God’s power and leave retribution to the big man.

My thought for today is simply this:

Know the difference between “Human justice needing to be served on earth” (end of poverty, slavey, etc) vs. “Justice that can wait for Jesus to have his way in his time”.

Learn when to ‘get in the way for Christ’ and when to ‘get out of the way of Christ’.

Just a Thought


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