Not Quite Right

As we head towards the end of the school year I have started to get prepared for the craziness of 2013 and part of that is putting in my order for stationary early.

Unfortunately the school is in a cost cutting phase at the moment so we can’t go and just buy what we want/need (I think a loot of us bought more out of want than need hence the end of us buying our own stuff).

Anyway, I put my order in and amongst other stuff I ordered was some new erasers because mine go missing constantly. I ordered 2 of my favourite erasers (the Staedtler Rasoplast) unfortunately what I got is not quite what I had hoped for.


I would normally buy a new eraser when it gets this small. Who uses such tiny erasers, there must be a market for them otherwise they wouldn’t be made.

So here’s to my tiny erasers and to the cost cutters who ordered them for me. I hope you like doing orders because I reckon I’m going to need at least one of these for every orchestra, jazz band and Les Mis rehearsal that happens in 2013.

My next order will specify the exact dimensions of the eraser I require.

Have a great day.



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