A Faithfulness void of Faith

As I mentioned on Friday, due to school holidays I have had more time recently to spend praising God and really looking at entering his presence through praise.  One of the things that has come out of this is a real challenges to ‘Live by Faith’ (2 Cor 5:7, Hab 2:4).

I find that I (amongst many others in the world) can claim to be extremely ‘Faithful’ but struggle to ‘Have Faith’, there is a big difference that is easily missed.

It is easy to be ‘Faithful’ in giving, ’Faithful’ in attendance, ‘Faithful’ to my wife, because these don’t actually involve ‘Faith’ at all, they are easy to live out with only the minimum of ‘worldly morality’ and an application of personal self control and decision. ‘Faithful’ can be done out of routine, ‘Faith’ cannot.

To ‘Live by Faith’ is a much harder and more submissive action, to give control over  a God who is unseen and unheard except in a book is a challenge.  Faith requires letting go, lose of control, complete trust, giving up my will.

I have no hesitation in guaranteeing I am a ‘Faithful’ man, but to say that I can ‘Live by Faith’ is a much bigger call that I would struggle to guarantee.

I honestly think that if I was honest, my life is too good right now and always has been that I haven’t had to live by faith, not that I want things to go wrong for us but maybe it’s required if I really do want to ‘Live by Faith’

Maybe giving up control will mean I lose everything I love or want and gaining more struggle and pain, but on the others hand it could mean losing everything I hate and gaining only that which God knows I need.

Maybe what looks like loss to me now could be growth and a blessing in the future.

‘Faith is the assurance that what we hope for will come about and the certainty that what we cannot see exists.’ Hebrew 11:1



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