Getting Back on Track

Recently I have been challenged in my faith about how much of my devotions are sticking with me, I am still doing devotions and reading the bible every morning (most mornings unless the snooze button looks too appealing) and I have enjoyed and taken notes down as to my favourite verse and kept records, done reading plans all the usual stuff…but I don’t feel like it is sticking with me like it used to, my mind is getting too filled with other things and stresses. Quite often I can’t even remember what I read the 10 mins later (not even the chapter or verse number let alone the content).

So to get back what I once had, I will do what I once did, there are any verses that talk about this in the bible.  So if I want to make the time I spend in devotions worthwhile, I need to challenge myself and nothing is more challenging to me than thinking deeper than what is on the page and analysing it (I was terrible at english at school, as you can probably tell,  and really still don’t like analysis, but it is definitely a challenge), so I am going to try to get back into blogging and see what comes from it.  My hope is that if I think deeply enough about even just one verse a day I will at least remember that one verse enough to make it stick, we’ll see how it goes.



back on track


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