Proverbs 18:4

“Many words rush along like a river in flood, but deep wisdom flows up like an artesian spring”

As I read these words this morning they set me a challenge for the day, I knew I had a meeting with the Principal today about the Music Program going forward and everything I get in front of him I feel like I just pour out every complaint, every grief, every frustration I have with how things happen around here and them walk out feeling stupid.

So today’s plan was to say only a few select wise words that articulate my point well and I walk out looking humble and great, it didn’t go so well, he asked me one question and out came the flood.

Recently I have been getting real excited about the camping trip I am going on this weekend and it seems anything outdoorsy or nature related catches my attention so the reference to an artisan spring had me searching.  I like the imagery of a wise knowledge that comes from the Holy Spirit within like a spring of natural clean water that is so precious in a time when the filthy ragging waters surround us as break-neck speed.  As a ragging river floods it collects all the rubbish, sticks, dog poo, pollutants and anything else in its way, creating a miss of everything that is as far from pure as possible.

So Lord, please let that valuable, pure spring rise up out of me so that I may be different in this world of contaminated pollution.




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