Is it your Reputation or your Riches?

“A sterling reputation is better than striking it rich; a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank” Proverbs 22:1 (MSG)

Recently a lot of things have been on my mind, mostly it’s just been a come down after a crazy time of excitement and exhaustion at work.  One of the main things I’ve been challenged about is my relationship with God, as I have mentioned before, and how to sustain this level that I am currently at while working towards where I used to be at or even better, where I would love to be at in that relationship.

Last night while meeting with some of my friends from church we were discussing ‘God’s Authority and who we give authority too’, we got off track a little and also discussed ‘Why is their no real outworking of peoples faith now verse Jesus time’, lots of answers: ‘apathy’, ‘over training in rationality’, ‘OHS and PC issues’, anyway one thing I bought up was that our ego and reputation are often standing in the way of us wanting to try anything without a guaranteed result so we don’t look dumb (my thought was that we don’t do anything unless we already know the result, but I’ll write about that later).

One of the issue I can see is that this verse can be read a number of ways:

To some it says “Your reputation as being Holy (and Godly-risk taking because of your faith, even if you fail)…”

To others it can say “Your reputation as being spotless/cool (never tried anything so never failed, perfect spotless, street/worldly reputation as a good guy”…

This verse speaks to me in a different way again, to me it takes me back to the verse I shared last time ‘Gold there is and rubies in abundance….’ but this time it ends with ‘….but you only have one shot to do it God’s way’.  I also paraphrase it as “You can always get more money, and it will still never be enough, so spend your time chasing after Gods will because it will be far more rewarding at the end of every day.”

Thats my goal anyway, teaching is never going to make me a millionaire so why not be spiritually rich instead.

Have a great day.




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