Honest to God

honestRecently Em and I have been attending churches other than our own, checking out what else God is doing outside of the realm of our smallish world of friendship/church groups.  We have had the privilege of attending some amazing places and hearing some amazing sermons (Both Em and I are getting very excited about hearing Bill Johnson at Planetshakers church next weekend).  We have had the chance to get out and meet together with some amazingly Godly people from my work to share in a time of worshiping God, completely unscripted, completely free and most importantly completely real and honest (almost to honest at times for my comfort).  I encourage everyone to step out (not necessarily away) of their usual routine and try something new in Christ.

Ever since Em and I have been attending different places, looking for ‘more’ than ‘normal’, opening ourselves up to something new, we have noticed we have become much more open about Christ with each other (and other people) and we’ve experienced great times, just sitting at home listening to worship music together.  For Em (coupled with her new job and the longer drive) it has meant more desire to listen to sermons on podcast rather than listening to the rubbish that the radio often fills our heads with on the way to work and it has shown in the way she goes about her day and especially in the attitude she makes it home with at the end of the day.  For me it has been a release in terms of freedom to worship Christ more honestly and not care about my surroundings, it has freed me to get more excited about what God has done in our lives, it inspires me to just have more of Christ and less of everything else.

I would encourage everyone to just get out, try something new, be honest with yourself about where you are with Christ, if it’s stale then do something to freshen it up, if it’s distant, then go out and find it again (he hasn’t moved away), get honest about worshiping him, stop coming to him and making promises with your fingers crossed (which is so easy to do if you don’t approach him with the right attitude of reverence). Just give your all to Jesus and I promise it will change your life, 1 week in and it already has for me.



2 thoughts on “Honest to God

  1. I have to tell you that for 44 years, I was extremely ensconced in one denomination because it was the denomination I was born into as a child. When I no longer began to think and act like a child, but to see the Word of God for myself, I started having huge issues with this denomination’s doctrine — not that this church or the denomination didn’t teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but that they felt their “interpretation” of what happened to you as a person AFTER you accepted Jesus as Lord was the only way to show good works. I always said it would take a bomb to remove me from that church and in a way that’s what happened. The details are unimportant as to why our family left, but the fact that we found a church (regardless of its denomination) whose people were loving, open, and non-judgmental to a person’s background (and for me, particularly non-judgmental on Christians who had lost their way at a point in their walk with God but found their way back without being brow-beaten for straying in the first place) that captured me. It was as if God audibly said, “THIS is your new place to worship. Now, watch as I use you to do my work.” What you are doing is admirable. Who knows where and to whom God will lead you. All I know is that for the last seven years, I have truly been in God’s will and know how to truly worship in triumphs AND trials. Sandy

    1. Thanks for sharing Sandy, I’m so happy to hear that you are really enjoying the new church, Em and I are just loving being in God’s presence more and more each day and we know that if we want to stay there then we have to continue seeking it out daily. Looking forward to many more exciting things through God for both my family and yours too.

      I hope you have a great day


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