Called to be…

DGFor a large amount to time now I have been considering what it is that I’m going to do with my my life, what is it that people will say about me when I’m dead, will I be forgotten and only remembered as part of the George family tree?

I want my kids to be able so say something like…’Thats my dad, he…(insert awesome thing here), and has changed the world for the better because of it’.  Now I have a little bit of time up my sleeve, Em isn’t pregnant and kids don’t really start the ‘My dad’s bigger than your dad’ phase until they are 5 years old, so by my calculations I have somewhere between 5 and 12 years to do something awesome.

I look at current preachers who have long lines of preachers and missionaries in their families, I look at leaders in all areas and see people who were once young and were inspired by great leaders before them, I look at strong family units who attribute all their strength to the father or mother who stood up for something right and set the tone for what their future would be.  I just look on and think ‘what am I going to do that will make me memorable for the good of the future of my kids and beyond’.

In Romans 1, it starts off with Paul simply stating who he is (and why he is writing this letter).  He writes:

‘Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God’.

Man, imagine being able to introduce yourself like that. ‘David George, set apart for the gospel of God’, how awesome would that be to have such a strong calling.

The great thing about this is that it goes on to say that we are all called to this same thing, we are ‘those who are loved by God and called to be his holy people'(Vs6), the interesting thing about this is that it isn’t actually a job description, it is very vague.  I am David George, Secondary Music Teacher, and in fact that is what I have been told I have to write when I write anything at school, even in the newsletter I can’t right ‘Secondary Ensembles Coordinator’ (that is true), I even wrote ‘Secondary Music Director’ once and got in trouble for it even though I am pretty certain I am but you get my point, we are very specific in our job description where as Paul’ description is really vague, what is it that he does exactly?

It is in this vagueness that the true power is, he is nothing, and he writes about that many times in the bible, he is nothing without the power of Jesus Christ, he has no job other than to do what God calls him to do, minute by minute, hour by hour, he just serves Christ.

Although I would love to have my kids say ‘that’s my dad, he runs this massive church along with his boss Jesus and speaks into the lives of people around the world everyday’ I think that the same type of power and pride will come from them just saying ‘that’s my dad, he serves Jesus with everything he has and he loves me as much as Jesus does’.

No I really don’t know my future, I’ve changed jobs backwards and forward, and I really don’t know whats next, I’m not sure its where I currently am is where I am to stay (I’m not sure its not either), I don’t know if it will ever be ‘David George, Director of Music, School of Prophetic Arts’ as I have discussed with my boss, or it will forever be ‘David George, Secondary Music Teacher’, even if it is ‘David George, Husband’ that’s ok, but underneath it all I pray that God will help me to have written on my heart, ‘David George, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be and apostle (everywhere he goes) and set apart for the gospel of God (in every situation).

I hope you pray to be the same too.


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