Praying for break-through

BreakThroughEm and I are really praying for something specific at the moment, a particular break-through in our lives that we are calling on God for, we believe faithfully that he will do it but it is just so had to keep that faith going 24/7 and not let doubt enter our minds for an instant.

In reading my devotions my this morning I came across a verse in Romans 9 that states:

“It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effect, but on God’s mercy” Romans 9:16 (NIV)

and that is going to be the verse I hold onto throughout this whole day, I may not have the strength to hold onto ‘continued faithfulness’ every second of today but I know that God will honour even my smallest faith if I keep putting it back into his hands every time it drops off momentarily, because he is merciful despite my weakness in human effort.  My desire for breakthrough never changes, but my mind and faith are prone to wander and become distracted.

So Lord I just pray today that you would give us the breakthrough we have been praying for and move in the situation we have put in your hands.  Through your great mercy we boldly pray that you would fully answer the prayer on our hearts today so that we may in turn shout your glories to all.


3 thoughts on “Praying for break-through

  1. Reblogged this on The Most Curious George and commented:
    This is my husband’s blog, I think he has some pretty wise things to say, but I wanted to share this one to ask that you might join with us as we pray for breakthrough, it’s an exciting and scary idea, but its worth it…

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