How you feel can be seen as who you are

I came across a great article today as I was taking some time to ‘improve myself’. It is all about the types of people you find in your workplace everyday and why they (and you and I) don’t thrive because of their emotional outlook.

Although the merit and appropriateness of forming an opinion on the professional capability of people based their ongoing emotional reactions is debatable, it has to said that if ‘58% of job performance is affected by emotional intelligence’, emotional response must be a factor in future growth. I know not everyone can be typecast and pidionholed into a category, it is interesting to note the observations and effects of emotional intelligence.

I have identified a number of people at my work and unfortunately a little of myself too so don’t be shy, find yourself and you coworkers and ‘improve yourself’.

Step back and have a look to see what you can do to be the best you in all situations by knowing your tendency and how it could be seen by those around you.

These Types Of People Never Succeed At Work
Just a thought.

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