25 Days of Christmas Music

As I eluded in an earlier Facebook post, one of the benefits of my job is the ability to remain up to date with recent releases and new innovations in the Music Industry, and then just call it another day at the office.

Although most of my required listening centres around staying current with Christian music for performance at Worship services I see no need to limit my ‘work’ listening to not include Christmas Music, after all it is kind of the same thing.

In the lead up to Christmas it is my privilege to share with 25 new (or fairly recent) release Christmas albums that you don’t want to miss out on this December.

I have already given one little ‘teaser’ this week with ‘These Christmas Lights’ by Matt Redman. Reviewed here.

I hope you enjoy these albums, my iTunes (and bank) account have had a workout over the past few weeks as I chose these 25 but I am happy with the selection I have for you this year.


I hope you have a great Christmas celebration and that these albums bring some joy ‘to you and your kin’ this Christmas season.


Merry Christmas

David George.

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