25 Days of Christmas Music: ‘It must Be Christmas’ – Chris Young

From the opening acoustic piano line you know that this is going to be a good Christmas album with musical complexity and the right amount of traditional interpretation. Chris Young has released an absolute Country Christmas Cracker with ‘It must be Christmas’.

It has been a while since Em and I finished watching all the available episodes of ‘Nashville’ and we certainly have been missing it.  Country Music gets a really bad wrap where I live and I can almost see a number of eye-rolls I would be getting right now from some of my workmates for choosing a country Christmas album, but I can’t go past the authenticity and honesty found in that country ‘twang’.  So for those wondering if this list is really for them, this is my most country Christmas album of the year so don’t tune out just yet.  For those that are into the country thing, don’t stress, there are still a few sneaky country albums to come.

‘It must be Christmas’ features the vocals of Chris Young, a dulcet baritone, who’s enveloping depth of vocal character really brings a sense of warmth to some of the favourite Christmas classics and orginal compositions. It is refreshing to hear male vocal that is not pushing the verge of the alto range.  Chris seems to remain really comfortable in his vocal capabilities and doesn’t shy aware from offering an honest, raw male vocal and I for one love cranking up the stereo and as we say in the George household ‘Givin’ it some’.

Collaborations with Alan Jackson (There’s a New Kid in Town), Brad Paisley (The First Noel) and a great version of Silent Night with Boyz II Men give the listener a variety of vocal texture but the endearing quality of ‘a tender Christmas’ is unwavering.

This album features some great Christmas favourites and fits really well for that 3pm to 5pm window on Christmas Day after a solid meal when we finally sit down to actually reflect on what the day is all about. Whether reflecting the Christ-centre of Christmas or simply being thankful for family, a day well spent or thinking of those not sitting around the table this year, ‘It Must be Christmas’ is a beautiful partner.

Chris has a real heart for Christmas and he doesn’t shy away from what it means to him and this is evident in his music.

‘All my life Christmas has been one of my favourite times of year. God, family and friends and of course the music.’

I’m all for classics, but once again the standouts on this album are two orginal compositions, ‘It Must be Christmas’ and ‘Under the Weather’ both composed by Chris Young.

‘It Must be Christmas’ tells an eloquent story of the meaning of modern Christmas.  From joyous anticipation to the seeming hollowness or fulfillments that Christmas can bring, this song speaks to that 3pm feeling within me. ‘Under the Weather’ is more of your usual country song, love, relationships and laid back life, a great song that makes me miss my wife even when she is just sitting in the room next to me.

A great album and one of my most played albums this Christmas season so far.

My Must Listen: ‘It Must be Christmas’ – Chris Young.

To purchase this album visit: iTunes Australia

To hear more of Chris Young visit: www.chrisyoungcountry.com


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