25 Days of Christmas Music: ‘Someday at Christmas’ – Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho provides an emotive and heartfelt collection of Christmas favourites and Classical standards in her new Christmas album ‘Someday at Christmas’. With reserved presence and soothing melodies, this album is a great option for those looking for something a little less ‘Poppie’.

Jackie Evancho, is a 16 year singer who found fame at a young age and has grown from strength to strength over her time in the spotlight. With pure vocals and tastefully subdued accompaniment from the likes of the Prague Orchestra, this album is a non obtrusive addition to the Christmas collection.

With the collaboration of “the greatest operatic artist of modern times” (who I had the privilege of performing on stage with many, many years ago), Placido Domingo, and another of my top 25 Christmas Album artists, Peter Hollens (‘A Hollens Family Christmas’ album reviewed here) this album holds some moments of great beauty.

A lovely album that for me brings back many great memories of times spent long ago at Christmas singing and hearing exquisite music.

My Must Hear: Someday at Christmas

To purchase this album please visit: Australia – iTunes

For more of Jackie Evancho see: jackieevancho.com


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