25 Days of Christmas Music: “I’ll have another” – Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser are a male a cappella group with traditional tight vocal harmony and vocal virtuosity. The energy and an enjoyment of this group is evident on their Christmas album,”I’ll have another”.

Straight No Chaser are an a cappella group formed while it’s members were in University in 1996.  It was not until a recording made in 1998 of the group surfaced on the internet that the grouped were subsequently asked to re-form and have done so under the name ‘Straight No Chaser’.

With clever arrangements, complex vocal chord structures formed by high quality musicianship and a a variety of musical genres, “I’ll have another” is an excellent album for all levels of musical appreciation.

Running the spectrum of the male vocal range, I found myself in utter amazement at the talent of each of these performing members.

With so many great tracks to highlight I can only recommend going out and buying this one immediately just to hear them all because I could honestly give any of the 15 tracks on this album as my favourite.

My Must Hear #1: ‘Lully Lullay’

To purchase this album: Australian iTunes 

To see more of Straight No Chaser visit: www.sncmusic.com



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