25 Days of Christmas Music: ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ – Michael W Smith

‘The Spirit of Christmas’ is the latest in a line of massive musical genius from Michael W. Smith.  With honest love and emotion at Christmas, this album is one for everyone looking for something for the whole family.

This new Christmas album from Michael W. Smith offers listeners a full range of emotions while remaining predominantly upbeat and energetic.  With highly orchestrated accompaniments of song such as ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ and feature songs such as ‘Spirit of Christmas Medley’ this album is reminiscent of large scale Christmas productions put on many churches at this time of year.

With the beauty songs such as ‘Somewhere in my memory’ (which I am now determined to do an arrangement of) reminding listeners of time spent with family at Christmas time (watching Home Alone).

‘After selling more than 15 million albums, scoring 32 No. 1 hits, receiving 2x RIAA Multi-Platinum, 6 Platinum and 16 Gold certified albums, earning three GRAMMYs and 45 Dove Awards, no one would blame the Christian music icon if he decided to coast just a little bit, but that’s just not in his nature.’ – http://michaelwsmith.com/

This album by Smith is a joy to the whole family and has something for everyone with such a mix of styles and collaborations.

‘In approaching this new chapter in his career, (Smith) had the desire to creatively push himself, and there’s a sense of musical adventure that permeates the songs’ – http://michaelwsmith.com/

A beautiful album that with hopefully speak to you this Christmas.

My Must Hear: ‘White Christmas’ (feat. Lady Antebellum)

To purchase this album visit: Australian iTunes

To hear more of Michael W. Smith: http://michaelwsmith.com/


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