25 Days of Christmas: ‘Merry Christmas’ – Andra Day

‘Merry Christmas from Andra Day’ is a good EP of 5 songs that is worth a listen for those looking for something a little different this year.

This EP, Merry Christmas, from Andra Day is hard to define but certainly offers something different to the musical landscape as a Soul/RnB Christmas Album.  Andra Day is best known to the Christmas world for her appearance with Stevie Wonder on an Apple TV commercial in 2015 singing the extremely successful hit ‘Someday at Christmas’ (see my My Must Hear).

Apart from ‘Someday at Christmas’ this EP includes versions of ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman’, ‘Winter Wonderland’ and a great version of ‘Carol of the Bell’.

For something different this Christmas, check out Andra Day’s ‘Merry Christmas’.

My Must Hear: ‘Someday at Christmas’ – Andra Day and Stevie Wonder.

To purchase this album: Australia iTunes

For more of Andra Day visit: http://andraday.com/


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