25 Days of Christmas Music: ‘Christmas Collection’ – Gaither Vocal Band

With stunning vocals and a beautiful live blend of voices, this album features some great vocals and spreads a beautiful Gospel message this Christmas.

Now I have to admit that I did not do my research on this one well before choosing it for my list, it turns out that this was released in 2015 (so sorry, please forgive me for such a massive error), but it is such a great album that I have to put it in the list still for you all to check out.

“Bill Gaither is an Indiana-born kid with an insatiable love for music who grew to become an industry leader who would change the course of gospel music history through the songs he has written and through his influence as a mentor for other artists.”

Bill and his wife Gloria have been a dynamic writing duo who’s output has resulted in more than 700 popular gospel songs.

A fantastic album full of presence and beautiful praise. Stunning ‘Old School’ vocal harmony that sets a perfect mood for 2016 (even thought released in 2015, sorry).

My Must Hear: ‘Oh Little Town of Bethlehem’ – Gaither Vocal Band

To buy this album visit: Australia iTunes

For more of Gaither Vocal Band: http://gaither.com/

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