25 Day of Christmas Music: “It’s Christmas” – MercyMe

After the success of their 2005 Christmas album “The Christmas Sessions” (which is in fact one of my wife’s favourite Christmas albums ever, which is a huge compliment from the Queen of Christmas Music), MercyMe have realise their second Christmas album “It’s Christmas”.  A fantastic album featuring Christmas favourites done in new and interesting ways and a number of new offerings to the Christmas selection.

MercyMe are a contemporary Christian band with many great hits and significant crossover success. Usually just a 5 piece band “It’s Christmas” overs the band with strings and a backing horn section which certainly gets my ears tuned in.

This album is fresh, enjoyable and a fun listen, having made it way into many of the car trips of the George family this Christmas season.  I’m always on the look out for something with a good truckin’ vibe and this suits us well and if you are anything like us with four sets of parents to visit at Christmas time, there is plenty of driving ahead.

To further increase the intrigue for the listener, each song offers something different and exciting (which we all know is rule number one in making a successful Christmas song let alone album). The whole album feels really ‘new’ with songs such as ‘Sleigh Ride’ employing simple musical techniques such as rhythmic displacement to keep you engaged and on your toes.

‘O Come O Come Emmanuel’ is a just a simple gem hidden right down at Track 11, with simple piano accompaniment and 4 part vocal this one is a really subdued ending to what is a very creative album.

So many great songs, ‘Joy to the world’ with almost a Coldplay feel at times, ‘Newborn’ a fresh version of ‘Away in the Manger’ and ‘Hark the Herald’, ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ with it horn sections and ‘Christmastime Again’ an original with an almost ’50/’60 country/pop/Blues Brothers throwback.

This is an absolute winner album and certainly will get a few rotations at the George’s this year.  Given time, we may hear Mrs. George elevating it to one of her all time favourites which should be the goal of all new Christmas albums.

My Must Hear: “Sleigh Ride” – MercyMe

To Purchase this album: Australian iTunes

To hear more of MercyMe: http://mercyme.org/


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