25 Days of Christmas Music: “A Pentatonix Christmas”

The one you have been waiting for this Christmas, Pentatonix third Christmas album “A Pentatonix Christmas” offers expected excellence and a touch of something different.

It’s fair to assume that most people would know who ‘Pentatonix’ are, having recently taken the world by storm and with their exceptionally popular status amongst all areas of society, “A Pentatonix Christmas” is possibly one of the most anticipated albums of 2016.

Having realised two highly successful previous Christmas albums (both in my personal collection), PTXmas (2012) and That’s Christmas to Me (2014), “A Pentatonix Christmas” (2016) needed to be something a little different to what most people might have expected, and they have not disappointed.

This group are known for being innovative in their arrangements and this album is no different. Almost every track on the album offers something slightly altered, ‘God Rest..’ with a Klesmar ending or the straight vocal harmony and beatbox in songs like ‘Coventry Carol’ and ‘I’ll be Home’.  With the release of the official video of ‘Coldest Winter’ online today there will certainly be some buzz about.

The track that really grabs me is ‘White Christmas’ featuring Manhattan Transfer, easily the most dominant Jazz Vocal Quartet of he last 50 years.  A stunning performance that leaves the listener in no doubt about the skills of the Pentatonix members, anyone that can keep up with Manhattan Transfer in a Jazz song are no slouch.

This album is best listened to with some solid surround stereo sound and would be one of those albums you would live to see live start to finish.

Pentatonix have a Christmas special on American NBC on the 14th December which hopefully end up in Australia something after that but for those of you in the US on the 14th, definitely watch that one for me because I am confident it will go off.

Certainly this will the biggest seller this Christmas, so if you don’t want to be left out you better get onto it quickly.

My Must Hear: “White Christmas” – Pentatonix feat. Manhattan Transfer.

To purchase this album: Australian iTunes

For more Pentatonix visit: http://ptxofficial.com/


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