25 Days of Christmas Music: “One Voice at Christmas” – Aled Jones

A perfectly pure album, with moments of bliss as both male and boy soprano join the Christmas magic.

Something a little different for you today and this time it is one for my dad. My dad sings as part of a Male Welsh Choir in Melbourne, Australia (he is 100% New Zealander and not a trace of Welsh in him but he loves to sing). He performed with a Welsh singer name Aled Jones a few years back and ashamedly I had no idea who that was.  As a boy soprano in a previous life myself I am amazed that the name hadn’t rung a bell with me.

Aled Jones is quite possibly the best known boy soprano of the last 50 years, he is now 46 and no longer can hit the high notes but the purity of his voice certainly has not left. Being in Australia we really don’t get too much much news about music from European end of the world but Aled is one you can not miss out on.

In 2015 Aled released an album titled ‘One Voice’, the concept of this album was to have Aled (as a grown man) performing alongside his boy soprano self from a series of recordings he made many years ago. ‘One Voice at Christmas’ (2016) follows this same concept with excepts taken from some of Aled’s final recordings made as a boy.

A beautiful set of songs that are so clean and pure that you can not pass up the opportunity to hear.  The blend of the two stages of male voice is in my mind one of the most magical things that can be heard and takes me back to my one and only solo in the National Boys Choir (and I don’t think it was even in a performance) standing alongside a grown male counterpart and the blend of voices captivated me from that moment on.  I miss this type of sound and after writing this I am going to go find some more classical vocal music to listen too, thanks for the inspiration Aled.

In collaboration with Australian-born, English guitarist, John Williams on ‘Silent Night’ and a brand new version of ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’ this album has a couple of surprises.

Unfortunately this album hasn’t made it to Australian iTunes but I grabbed a copy from the Great Britain iTunes store. I am not suggesting that this album is going to appeal to everyone that listens but I reckon more than a few will really love it.

My Must Hear: ‘Walking in the Air’ – Aled Jones 

To Purchase this album: GB iTunes

To hear more of Aled Jones visit: http://officialaledjones.com/


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