25 Days of Christmas: ‘Glow’ – Brett Eldredge

This stunning album from Country Music star Brett Eldredge, swings the pants off anything else this year, with superb big band arrangements of contemporary Christmas Carols and songs, this album can has blown me away.

Brett Eldredge, who is better known for his work in country music, has put together one of my albums of the season.  With a voice reminiscent of the jazz greats this album is a real throwback to the ‘Rat Pack’ of yesteryear.

This album is so good, I instantly got on the phone to my Mum to get her to buy it just so we can discuss it over Christmas lunch on the 25th.

Every chart on this album is so appealing I really cannot tell you which one to listen to first.  Anyone that is into big band needs to get onto this immediately and start transcribing because I want to play to these charts this Christmas and not wait to next year.

Featuring a collaboration with Meghan Trainor on ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ (which I normally do not like as a chart, but really dug this one), this album has had moment where I have vocalise my appreciation of what I am hearing even though I am sitting in my studio writing these reviews all by myself.

“I’ve been inspired for this record from a very young age,” Eldredge says in a press release. “I dreamt of the day I could record all these classic songs that I’ve loved since I was a little kid. I recorded those classics in New York City and tried to give a tip of the hat to the ones that came before me — Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ray Charles — by adding that swing and that soul to the best of my ability.”

It is rumoured that the band hung Christmas lights in the studio when it was recorded in May this year just to get them in the spirit, whatever they did, it worked.  The renewal of big band backing is slammin’ and makes this album so crisp for 2016 that it couldn’t get any better for me even if Frank, Dean and Sammy recorded it themselves.

You need this album.


My Must Hear: “Let it Snow’ – Brett Eldredge

 To purchase this album: Australian iTunes

To hear more of Brett Eldredge visit: www.bretteldredge.com



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