25 Days of Christmas Music: “Christmas” – LifeChurch Worship

Christmas is the celebration of Christ and for good reason worship plays a crucial role in the Christmas season. LifeChurch have released a few worship songs this month that they are solely releasing as an online album aptly titled ‘Christmas’.

LifeChurch is a large multi-site church across the USA who were are pioneers in making church user-friendly to a new generation. Having designed, developed and grown the widely successful bible app ‘YouVersion’ which has revolutionised the accessibility and engagement with bible reading and I personally enjoy tuning to listen to podcasts of their services on a wekly basis.

The first single from this album is ‘Joy’ an upbeat version of ‘Joy to the World’. Heavily synthesised lines with live vocals and band over the top, this version is a distinctive sound and is well suited to the younger, hipper worship generation. The second single from this album is a non Christmas worship song that certainly is worth a listen for intergration into a worship set as we lead up to Christmas.

My Must Hear: ‘Joy’ – LifeChurch Worship

To purchase this album: Australian iTunes

For more of LifeChurch visit: www.Life.church


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