25 Days of Christmas Music: ‘Christmas Music’ – The Christmas Music Piano Guys

A relaxing set of traditional Christmas Carols perfect for the background of any Christmas function.

Today at WCC we have our final staff meeting and Christmas party for 2016, as is my role most years (and the reason I can spend so much money on Christmas albums every year) I am tasked with the background music (amongst other not so relaxing and fun things like running all the sound and set up). So, seeing as though I have spent all this time and money on albums I thought today was the appropriate day to share the album that this whole list was in pursuit of.

I have a few rules around what makes good background music for events like this Christmas party or as ‘pre welcome music’ at performance events. I have always found myself distracted by music that is too upbeat or loud so quiet and peaceful is my aim.  With so much chatter before a show or at a Christmas event you don’t want people to be distracted by words on the music as well as real converstaion, so if possible I go for lyric-less songs. Above all else you need to balance the music to the audience, people are there to spend time together, talking and enjoying themselves and unfortunately not just to listen to the music you have spent hours searching for. As part of an event organisation team, the music you provide is designed to get them to come inside not stay outside because they can’t hear themselves over your music.  Unfortunately it’s not about us, if you do it well people will listen for 15 seconds and then tune in and out of it for the next 2 hours and you will get no acknowledgement because no-one noticed how unobtrusive it was, welcome to servant leadership.

This year for the staff Christmas party, the background music will be ‘Christmas Music’ -The Christmas Music Piano Guys.

I am a little uncertain about why the performer felt the need to play on the name of a well respected group who do similar, yet distinctive work, ‘The Piano Guys’.  I am pretty sure they are different groups but both have their merits.  No mention of this album on the Piano Guys website but I would encourage you to check them out anyway as I can find no information at all on ‘The Christmas Piano Guys’.

The real Piano Guys have a number of albums for Christmas as well but they are not the ones I am playing this year at the party but definitely worth checking out.

A Family Christmas – The Piano Guys

I hope you enjoy this album and the real Piano guys.

My Must Hear: ‘Angels we have Heard on High’ – The (real) Piano Guys.

To purchase this (Christmas Piano Guys) album: Australia iTunes

For more of the real Piano Guys visit: https://thepianoguys.com/


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