Books I’m Reading

I had some big changes back in 2016, some events that shook me up a bit and allowed me to stop for a few weeks and re-prioritise what is important to me.  I have written a few times, and will write again soon too, about how all these things have shaped my vision of the present and future but I just need some more time to make sure what I have in my head is actually what I believe, so just give me some time to get my head and heart on the same trajectory.  Anyway, all that just to say, in 2017 I want to read more and I have been.

For a long time I have had 2 types of books on the go, one about professional and personal development and the other can be anything else I want.  I am a bit of a ‘Biography over Ficton’ type of guy but I do enjoy a good story, particularly if that story is the story of someones life.

Again, in the set up to my daily December Christmas Music reviews I stated that my job allows me great freedom and ability to access and legitimately make time for new music, books and ideas.  On top of my many music subscriptions paid for by work I also have a number of reading subscriptions paid for by work.  One that I have made particular use of is ‘Scribd’ which is an online platform that provides me free access to 1 audio book and 3 print ebooks every month and so on the 10th of every month I download my selected books for the month and my audiobook to listen to and then try my best to get through them in time.  I also really love print books, the smell of paper really gets me, so any book that I think might be a keeper I buy in print and put next to my reading chair.

So I am going to start letting you know what I have read and if it might be of interest to you.  You can see ‘What I am currently reading’ on the right hand side of the home page of this site.

I don’t think the reviews will be particularly long but more as just a few key thoughts on what I have read and what I thought, after all the title of this page is ‘Just a thought’.

If you have any book recommendations please let me know but with 3 books and an audio book a month I certainly already have a decent backlog to catch up with.

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy ‘Books I’m Reading’.


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